Stress-Free Tax Compliance

With the ever-changing nature of tax laws, tax preparation and filing becomes a tedious task. At LG Accounting Services, we take compliance seriously.

All corporations must file a corporation income tax return (T2) every year even if there is no tax payable. For small businesses looking to file a return, we can handle your Corporate Tax Return (T2) with Notice to Reader Report and Electronic Tax Return filing. Additionally, we can provide full representation to the CRA on your behalf.

Aside from corporate taxes and sales taxes, we can also assist individuals who want to file their personal taxes, maximize their returns, and stay 100% compliant.

At LG Accounting Services, we don’t just do the heavy lifting for you. Beyond the timely and accurate preparation and filing of tax returns, we can also guide you in optimizing your tax position through our tax planning services.

Contact us today and enjoy some peace of mind in knowing that your taxes are taken care of! We support both Canadian residents and non-residents.

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